What is a Tiffany Lamp?

What is a Tiffany Lamp?

A Tiffany lamp adds that touch of class to any living room and gives your soirees a touch of sophistication. One light, placed on any furniture surface, enlivens a room. It shares its multitude of stunning colours and art nouveau style. That's the magic and charm of these items.

The Tiffany lamp is iconic. The standard examples have multi-coloured glass shades, with patterns wrought in metal. The design is beautiful, creating the same effect as a stained glass window. As these lamps come in a diverse range of patterns and colour palettes, there will be one that complements the vision you have for your home!

Who Made Tiffany Lamps?

The original antique lamp, with its unique design, was first displayed in Queens, New York, 1893. Each lamp was special, individually handmade by skilled craftsmen and women. Interior designer and artist Louis Comfort Tiffany (son of Charles Tiffany, who founded the renowned jewellery house Tiffany & Company) came up with the concept. He later founded Tiffany studios.

Until recently, most thought that Louis Comfort Tiffany was the sole creator of the famous lamp. But, new research has shown that a glass designer called Clara Driscoll was his muse. It was she who produced the first popular and recognisable designs we see today.

Driscoll was the most prominent Tiffany glass designer, responsible for over 30 lampshades by the end of her career. But, much of Tiffany Studios workforce was other female glass cutters and producers. They were affectionately known as the 'Tiffany Girls'.

How is a Tiffany Lamp Made?

The first handcrafted lamps were relatively simple but expertly made. The quality craft was the least you'd expect from a design originating from the 1890s.

First, the designers drew the patterns onto cardboard. Next, they would assign a number and glass colour to every shape in the design. Following that, they laid glass over the pattern to transfer the design. Once they had traced each line, they would cut the glass around to get the desired shape. Finally, they placed each section together in the leadwork geometric lines, like a jigsaw.

The individuality of each glass piece in a completed Tiffany Lamp has ensured its longevity in interior design history. The lamps made today still follow the same attention to detail, but makers solder them with wax and copper foil instead of lead.

What Inspired Tiffany Lamp Designs?

Often drawing inspiration from nature, one of Clara Driscoll's first and most popular designs was the lamp named 'The Daffodil'. The bright coloured spring flower adorns the shade in altering shades of yellow and green. With ease, the Daffodil lamp brings the brightest of seasons into any room.

The actual design itself was in line with the artistic movement known as art Nouveau. Influencing much architecture across Western Europe and America, art nouveau was recognisable by its geometric design and use of what was then-modern materials such as iron, glass, ceramics and later, concrete manipulated by designers to create unusual and new forms.

Shapes, Sizes & Colours

Since their first conception, the design of the Tiffany lamp has developed to accommodate all variations of tastes.

The most well-known design is the 'Favrile', which is the shape of a shallow dome. It is adorned by the quintessential geometric style flowered cone and globe designs. 'Favrile' actually means handcrafted. Original Tiffany lamps were stamped with this word once finished to affirm their authenticity.

Today, a Tiffany lamp has no definite comparison. So you can be forgiven for thinking that these rather decorative looking lamps only suit more period styled or vintage themed rooms. But, with the proper colour schemes and accent furnishings, a Tiffany lamp offers a dramatic and opulent finish to even the most modern rooms.

Our Favourite Tiffany Lamps

1. Quoizel Coba

Coba Vintage Bronze 3 Light Table Lamp

The Cobalt table lamp features beautiful Tiffany styling. The hydrangea motif is designed to full effect with rich shades of blue and hints of lavender and green. The rich dark finish on the base allows the shade to be the showstopper that it is.

2. Quoizel Stephen

Stephen Vintage Bronze 2 Light Table Lamp

This hand-crafted Tiffany style collection illuminates your home with warm shades of amber, bisque and earthy green, arranged in a clean and simple geometric pattern reminiscent of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. The sturdy base complements the Arts & Crafts style, and is finished in a Vintage Bronze.

3. Quoizel Larissa

Larissa Vintage Bronze 2 Light Table Lamp

This beautiful Tiffany style collection features a handcrafted, genuine art glass shade created in rich jewel tones as well as soft pastels. The glass is arranged in a classic Art Nouveau pattern. The warm colour palette creates a harmonious balance of light, and the complementary base is finished in a Vintage Bronze.

4. Quoizel Inglenook

Inglenook Valiant Bronze 2 Light Table Lamp

This Arts and Crafts style features a pyramid shade with a stepped border for added visual interest. The classic geometric design includes art glass in shades of amber, cream and tan, accented with glass pieces in sapphire blue and rich green. The linear geometric details on the base makes it a perfect complement to the shade.

Who Sells Tiffany Lamps?

We have a lovely range of Tiffany style stained glass lamps available. Like most fashion trends or iconic pieces, the Tiffany lamp has seen its fair share of popularity and fall out of favour. But, we are going through a renaissance. There is no time like the present to make one of these astonishing, iconic lamps the most talked about feature of your home!

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