The 5 Best Ceiling Lights To Spice Up Your Home

Ceiling lights can help add some wow factor to your home lighting, we've all been guilty of gawking at a friend's new chandelier and thinking "I need that". With the help of this list, you will have your friends stunned by the beauty of your lighting.

1: Eglo Carpento 8 Light Ceiling Pendant

A chandelier on a white background.


We couldn't make a list of beautiful ceiling lights without including a chandelier. The carpento series of lights features refined glass elements to help the light refract in an interesting way, adding a luxurious ambience to any room. The chrome-plated steel and white glass complement this incredibly.

2: Eglo Tarbes Ceiling Light


This ceiling light features a geometric shape made from black steel that will catch the eye of anyone in its presence. This light tiptoes the line between understated and bold, blending well with its environment, yet eye-catching enough to draw you in.

3:Eglo Azbarren 4 Light Beige And Grey Ceiling Bar Pendant


This ceiling bar pendant light is fantastic above a kitchen island, adding a good amount of light whilst cooking as well as adding some verticality to the area. The pendants hang 1.5m down making them more suited to being spotlights rather than lighting the entire room.

4:Quoizel Laguna Renaissance Copper 3 Light Flush Mount Fitting


Laguna is a range that features a mosaic tile stripe, which appears to be floating around a taupe mica shade. The tiles have a coppery shimmer for an added touch of elegance. It provides a warm and inviting accent for most homes.

5:DFTP Aver 40 Pendant Light


AVER is a pendant light that breaks with tradition. With its visible light bulb behind the curved metal threads, AVER delivers both beautiful light and fascinating shadow play.

The design is simple, aesthetic, and supported by the metal's inherent strength. It results in a strong visual design experience and a pendant light that produces a unique ambience and beautiful shadow play to the space. Design by Carlo Volf.

That concludes our list of the best 5 ceiling lights to spice up your home, we hope you enjoyed it!

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