Choosing the right wall light can completely transform your home. You can easily create a charming, individual space that embodies both your personal style and your personality. It is truly amazing how just a touch of light can create the perfect welcoming atmosphere, accentuate your carefully chosen external decor, or attract attention as a staggering outdoor feature in its own right.

Below we have highlighted some of our personal favourites and some of the most popular products from our selection of beautiful contemporary outdoor wall lights. We hope that you take some inspiration from these lighting schemes and go on to implement your own ideas to create the perfect space at your home.

10 Modern Outdoor Wall Lights For 2021



The Adalyn is a gorgeous modern wall light with a sleek design and a cylindrical opal diffuser. Here, you can see how the warm glow of light looks sultry against some rustic wood panelling.


Alice Wall Light

The Alice is an elegantly simple wall light with a sharp, borderless design. In this picture, we see how the light is used as a stylish house number display - and it looks great against painted brick.


Cameo Wall Light

The Cameo is a very stylish and contemporary wall light with a structured layer design that uses the fixture, diffuser, and light for an aesthetic advantage. We love how the stainless steel finish looks here - offset against the white, painted brick.

Cuba - Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2019

Cuba Wall Light

The Cuba is a fabulous modern wall light with a geometric design and contrasting light and blank panels. These lights can be adjusted individually - allowing you to design your own unique arrangements and change them as you please. Here, the Cuba looks great set against a textured external wall, creating a striking effect.


Cyra Wall Light

This modern painted wood panelling looks great combined with the Cyra wall light. The large opal diffusers give off a lovely spread of light that adds warmth to any modern home.


Darli Wall Light

The Darli is a wall light with a coach-style design - more traditional than most of the other products on our list. However, with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and modern LED technology - this is a brilliant feature for any modern or traditional home.


Gemini Wall Light

The Gemini offers a stylish and minimalist approach to modern outdoor lighting. We absolutely adore the contrast that is created by the combination of the robust fixture and the warm up and down light spread.


Leo Wall Light

This fresh, clean, and modern outdoor area is complemented perfectly by the bi-directional spread of warm light from this stylish fixture. The Leo is a beautifully designed wall light that also features a stunning, vertical strip of glowing colour that runs through its centre.


Mito Wall Light

The Mito is one of our favourite wall lights from our entire catalogue. We love the modern take on a traditional lantern style - with the candlestick style diffuser encased within a transparent lampshade, mirrored for parallel up and down lighting. The soft, warm glow of the light looks gorgeous against this stunning bare brick.


Qubo Wall Light

This picture perfectly demonstrates how the gentle, warm light from the Qubo complements the warm aesthetics of stylish wood panelling. We think the large, opal diffuser looks amazing set in its elegant frame. It is a modern design that we think would integrate perfectly into any contemporary home.

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